Reference Projects

Management Audit

Conception and execution of evaluations of potential

Field: Non-profit organization for international cooperation

  • Improve placement and hiring decisions regarding management
  • Provide individual support and development to management based on results
  • Increase acceptance of central potential assessment process by management and participants
  • systematization and professionalization of management development
  • Develop management's evaluation competence via activity as evaluator during the management audit
Company Globally active company; implementation of international cooperation projects; 16,000 employees worldwide
Task Development and execution of a centralized potential assessment procedure as prerequisite for access to specified management levels
  • Establish a team for developing a new, company-specific potential assessment procedure; define aims, method and process jointly
    Integrate management representatives into the requirement analysis
  • Develop a specific competence model for assessing potential
  • Develop potential assessment building blocks and all evaluation instruments; this involves developing 2 different versions of the procedure for different levels of the company hierarchy
  • Train all internal observers
  • Develop report formats
  • Continuous execution of potential assessment procedures with representatives of company management and the personnel department
  • Individual reports of results with remarks on personnel development