Reference Projects

Management Audit

Developing and implementing management audits for various management tiers

Field: Chemical Industry

  • Improve hiring decisions regarding management
  • Provide individual support and development to management based on audit results
  • Systematization and professionalization of management development
  • Develop management's evaluation competence via activity as evaluator during the management audit
Company globally active company; specialty Chemicals for the processing industry; 12,000 employees worldwide
Task Successive development and execution of management audit procedures for 3 levels of the company hierarchy: Young Talents, Senior Professionals, Executives
  • Developing a company-specific competence model for management functions
  • Developing audit building blocks for 3 procedures of increasing complexity and difficulty: interview guidelines, case studies, presentations, simulations
  • Continuous execution of management audits for assessing potential and for specific personnel decisions on all levels: joint execution along with representatives of company management and the personnel department
  • Total of ca. 70 participants