Reference Projects

Leadership Coaching

Personality-oriented development of leadership skills

Field: Chemical Industry

  • Significant expansion of deeper reflection of what the task of leadership involves and of one's own style of leadership, based on awareness of own personality
  • Present a personality model to provide a framework for understanding how to carry out leadership responsibility on one's own team
  • Significant extension and expansion (greater depth) of participants' leadership competences
Company Globally active company; specialty chemicals for the processing industry; 32,000 employees worldwide
Task Development and implementation of an international management development program with an emphasis on personality-oriented leadership and individual development
  • Development of objectives and fundamental concept: integration of individual personality analysis based on MBTI® concept into a developmental program with 3 modules
  • specific structuring of the 3 modules:
    • (1) personality-oriented individual self-reflection,
    • (2) awareness of own style of leadership and personality-oriented execution of leadership tasks,
    • (3) assembling and guiding one's respective team
  • To be carried out multiple times in Europe, USA and Asia