Management Audit

· Dependable personnel decisions
· Developing competence
· Individual encouragement

Detecting persons with leadership qualities early on is decisive for the success of any organization. It is just as important for top performers in an organization to confront the issue of whether a leadership role is the right path for one's own development. Management audits reveal strengths and weaknesses and clarify whether developmental aims, motivation and one's personality are suited to leading.

Neutrally evaluating competence and potential along with an in-depth reflection concerning personality, aims and motives ought to be done in conjunction with differentiated feedback. This feedback is an important point of departure for ongoing development. This may involve the essential question of whether a leadership role is the right path forward and/or developing a personal plan of development to prepare oneself for such a role.

This is how professional management audits provide crucial assistance in harmonizing requirements and people, as well as detecting limitations, responding to these and transcending them organically.

Specific Services

  • Defining specific requirement profiles
  • Training internal observers
  • Developing building blocks for professional management diagnostics
    • Interview formats, structured interview guidelines
    • Case studies
    • Presentation exercises
    • Simulations (employee talks, negotiations, etc.)
    • Additional exercises as required
  • Usage of well-proven testing procedures
  • Execution of management audits with or without internal observer participation
  • Preparing reports on results
  • Presenting and explaining individual competence and potential profiles for company decision-makers
  • Evaluating the procedure(s) and continuous further development
  • Developing competence models as a basis for future-oriented potential assessments
  • Developing overviews of results for company decision-makers
  • Feedback talks with participants
  • Recommendations and discussion of suitable areas for application and developmental measures