leadership coaching

  • Persuasiveness of an authentic leadership personality
  • Leadership clarity, decision-making force and orientation
  • Cooperation and inspiration on a leadership team

Leadership means winning over people for specific aims, welding teams together and inspiring organizations. Anyone with leadership responsibility is all the more persuasive when able to fully take on and develop that role consciously and decisively. The key to leading successfully is becoming an authentic leadership personality which harmonically melds this role, the tasks involved and one's individual character.

Demands made on leadership ability today are growing more and more rigorous and the contexts within which persons of leadership must prove themselves are getting more and more confusing and complex. The more comprehensive one's responsibility, the more that leadership success depends on: strategic decision-making competence, personal orientation awareness and the ability to inspire convincingly.

In order to develop these critical competences, professional leadership coaching has to provide opportunities for allowing leadership personalities to mature. It must assist in the sorting and organizing of one's thinking, making interrelationships transparent, developing perspectives and unharnessing energies.

The coaching we offer provides individual leadership personalities and entire leadership teams these opportunities for reflection and impulses towards further development.

Specific Services

Personality-oriented Leadership Coaching

  • Leading authentically via self-awareness
  • Integrating one's own personality into the leadership role
  • Expanding one's behavioral repertoire
  • Integrating professional and personal aims

Coaching Leadership Teams

  • Clarifying roles, rules of the game and forms of communication
  • Developing a team culture which is supportive and inspiring
  • Generating lasting trust and cooperation
  • Solving conflicts

Management Development

  • Customized measures focussing on areas of development with strategic impact
  • Consulting individuals leaders and management teams
  • Selection and onboarding of leaders
  • Development and implementation of career models