Change Management Consulting

  • Objective conception of change processes
  • Assistance in consistent implementation
  • Providing top management with a reliable foundation for action

Success for any organization is essentially dependent upon its ability to react quickly and flexibly to change and to thus structure the evolution of a company.

Change management conducted well is a masterpiece indeed and involves demanding exigencies. Strategy, concepts, processes, communication and leadership must be coordinated and mesh with one another. Frequently, organizations do not manage to handle this complexity and cannot achieve their aims as they are unable to carry out the necessary changes. Most change processes end up getting stuck halfway.

Structuring change is a core task for company leaders, even though this may be delegated to internal or external change agents in many firms. This is why we understand change management consultation as assistance for top management along with additional leadership team(s) regarding conceptional, strategic and implementation-oriented issues for structuring company evolution. Our change management consultation thus comprises the following:

Specific Services

Accompanying and Supporting Change Processes

  • Diagnosis of need for change
  • Conception of change process based on company strategy
  • Support for management in guiding this process
  • Providing moderators at change events
  • Communication consultation
  • Support in handling resistance and conflicts

Leadership Coaching During Change Management

  • "Taking action competently during change processes“ workshop
  • Reflecting one's own role as Change Manager
  • Support for change process conception
  • Coaching and situational consultation during the change process