With Passion

  • personally authentic
  • methodically compelling
  • committed to the mandate

Klaus Wübbelmann

"My passion is consulting. I view my work as aiming to help people to discover and live out their strengths, to overcome limitations, to grow and make their contribution.“

Born 1961. University degrees in psychology and theology. Coaching course of training, Personality-oriented work, licensed for MBTI®, Reiss Profile® and Belbin® team roles. Academic work regarding potential assessment, development of own management audit concept. Professionally active as consultant and branch head of a management consultancy. Self-employed management consultant as of 2001 in management diagnostics and management development. Active professionally in Europe, Asia, USA.

Dr. Andreas Tapken

"My work serves as an interface between people and the organization: development and change always affect individuals as well as the entire company with its aims, processes and structures. Ensuring both elements mesh harmoniously ensures success.“

Born 1965. University degrees in psychology and theology in Münster, Rome and Chicago. Doctorate and teaching experience in psychology. Psychotherapeutic training. Personality-oriented coaching, licensed for MBTI®. Several years active in a church leadership role responsible for selecting and developing leadership candidates. Subsequently responsible for organizational development and change management in an international industrial company. As of 2014, self-employed management consultant and lecturer of business psychology (FOM, Essen).

Anna Topüth

„Leader's and employee's motivation is one of every company's key success factors! As consultant, I passionately work in the field of conflict management and team development in order to boost identification of teams and individuals with their company and its goals.“

Born 1981. Degree in business psychology. Vocational training and business experience in real estate and housing industry. Consultant in a company focussing on competence development, management selection, change management consulting, team development and employee training.